Course Description

Foundations in Sport and Leisure Management
This course aims to provide a common foundation for students by presenting a coherent vocabulary for conceptualizing and discussing trends and issues in sport and leisure management. It also aims to present a comprehensive perspective on subsequent courses within the programme and their relationships to sport and leisure management as a field of study.

Management Skills and Communications
This course revisits the basic theories of management and communication in developing students to apply these fundamental concepts to analyse management scenarios related to the sport and leisure industry and to utilize their power of speech to increase effectiveness in interpersonal relationships and communications.

Management of Human Resources
This course aims to provide students with opportunities to examine human resource management models and their applications in sport and leisure services. Issues on the management of finance as related to human resource management will also be discussed

Planning and Developing Sport and Leisure Facilities
This course provides an overview of sports facilities including indoor, outdoor, and aquatic facilities. Opportunities will be provided to examine local sport and leisure facilities with emphasis on the process of planning, design, construction, and management.

Marketing of Sport and Leisure Services
This course enables students to understand current theories and practices of marketing sport and leisure services, the economic impact of sport and leisure marketing, and the impact of technology on marketing trends.

Financial Management
This course aims to revisit and explore the basic information contained in financial statements. It also aims to further provide students with concepts and techniques in cost and management accounting and to develop students' ability in using relevant accounting data for management policy determination, decision making and performance evaluation.

Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Sport and Leisure
This course provides a forum for the discussion of contemporary issues related to sport and leisure. Discussion topics may include social, legal, ethical, and policy issues shaping the delivery and practice of sport and leisure.

Health Promotion
This course provides a forum for the discussion of current concepts and roles of sport and leisure in the promotion of health, wellness, and quality living.

Development and Management of Sport and Leisure Services for Different Target Groups
This course aims at offering students an opportunity to explore local and international developments in sport and leisure. Particular emphasis will be placed on the development and management of youth, elderly, and atypical programmes in schools and the community.

Research Methods
This course aims to develop students' functional knowledge of the research process with particular emphasis on the ability to conduct independent research.

Event Management
This course aims to provide a common foundation for students by presenting conceptualizing and discussing the functions of program and event management.

Independent Project
The independent project provides students with an opportunity to apply their professional knowledge and critical skills to examine, analyses and evaluate an issue of interest in depth. Students are required to submit a written document in English.